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Re: NEA Changes Herbert B. Chermside 25 Jun 1998 10:05 EST

Re: NEA Changes Herbert B. Chermside 25 Jun 1998 10:05 EST

Pam, I've run into MANY situations in which the institution has to rank, or
choose a limited number to support.

This is what deans and VP's get paid to do!!  We in OSP offices need to be
able to set up selection groups rapidly.  Choose the selectors based on the
appropriate level at which the choice must be made -- e.g., the dean's
office if all candidates are in the school, a group of deans  offices or a
Provost/VP is candidates are between schools.  I find that deans have
learned to work together and the higher authority is not needed unles the
deans themselves perceive a need for it.  If you have good relations with
the people you want as judges, set it up yourself; otherwise draft a memo
for your boss (or higher) to sign setting up the selection group.


At 02:38 PM 6/18/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear ListServ members,
>I have just had a PI contact NEA and be told that they will only entertain
>one proposal from an institution, including a university.  The guidelines
>read ...one application per organization per program...  Has anyone else
>encountered this?  We don't do a lot with NEA and now maybe I know why.  I
>can't imagine a large university ranking proposals for this type of project
>across disciplines and faculty and only submitting one.
>You can reply directly to me if you would like at the address below. By
>luck, the second faculty who was interested isn't going to make the July 1
>deadline.  Thanks.  Pam
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