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University of Richmond

The University:
The University of Richmond is a private, comprehensive university located
in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, enrolling 3500 full-time students in
the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Continuing Studies, Law, and
Leadership.  As one of the 50 or so most selective colleges in the country,
Richmond combines the structure of a university with the intimacy of a
college, offering students the best of many worlds.  The University is one
of the top 30 employers in the Richmond area, with 1,000 full and part-time
employees and a payroll of over $50 million.

Position Overview:
The Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations is responsible for the
University's corporate and foundation fundraising efforts.  This would
include working with the President, Provost, and Deans to identify academic
priorities appropriate for external funding; identification of appropriate
sources; meetings with or arranging meetings for University officials with
foundation and corporate representatives; convening interested faculty to
work on project design and writing and/or editing major proposals.  The
Director is responsible for maintaining strong relationships with funding
agencies, including overseeing the creation and submission of timely reports.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the Director of Corporate and
Foundation Relations to provide support for faculty seeking external
funding for research and other academic projects from government as well as
private sources.  The Director is responsible for working with faculty to
identify and support scholarly projects which are appropriate for external
support; for locating the appropriate funding programs; advising faculty on
proposal preparation; ensuring administrative clearance of proposals; and
coordinating and overseeing reporting requirements

At the University of Richmond, corporations (particularly those which are
locally based) are expected to be a significant source of revenue.  The
Director will be responsible for identifying, soliciting and coordinating
prospective corporate donors while developing and cultivating relationships
with key corporate representatives.  Working within the context of the
broader University of Richmond development effort, the Director will need
to coordinate corporate gift prospecting with various colleagues in the
Development-University Relations office.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations maintains an active web
page, distributes a monthly newsletter to faculty, and conducts periodic
workshops to help faculty plan and develop their research and curricular

The Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations will participate in a
variety of duties, including the following:

-Oversight of faculty proposal/award processing for adherence to University
budgeting policies, including cost-sharing.
-Managing conflict of interest policy.
-Managing intellectual property issues.
-Facilitation of interaction with Business Office on proposal and pre-award
-Co-Management of Corporate and Foundation priority list with Director of
Development and Director of Principal Gifts.
-Oversight of departmental budget.
-Attendance at Manager meetings, member of Senior Manager staff, updates on
University business.

Corporate and Foundation Relations:
-Annual President's letter of accomplishments to corporate and foundation
sponsors and targets.
-Direction-management of all University sponsored programs.
-Work with Executive Director of Communications regarding outside marketing
to sponsors (e.g., brochure highlighting corporate supporters).
-Acknowledgement letter to all corporate/foundation supporters as ongoing
relationship-building effort.
-Make at least 18-20 personal visits each year with key
corporate/foundation prospects that we are cultivating.

-One professional FTE.  -One support staff.
-Workflow and priority management.
-Priorities for University proposals with President.
-Report on all office activities to Board of Trustees through the Vice
President for Development-University Relations.
-Have available real-time updates on all proposals, including strong
documentation of dollars proposed vs. awarded and success percentages per

This position requires a professional whose background is characterized by
initiative, achievement and success.  The University of Richmond is an
educational institution of distinction, an educational institution that is
fast-paced, progressive minded and where all development activities are
taken very seriously.  This position, therefore, requires an experienced
professional who must have a "can-do" attitude and the ability to balance
multiple priorities while adhering to tight deadlines.   This professional
must be able to lead by example and present ideas clearly within and
outside of the University. Excellent writing skills, strong computer
knowledge as well as excellent judgement, managerial capability and superb
interpersonal skills are required.  A bachelor's degree and 3-5 years of
related experience are required.

The University of Richmond is a 350-acre campus of stately pines, rolling
hills and a magnificent lake, located 6 miles from downtown Richmond,
Virginia.  The city of Richmond, the state capital of Virginia, is ideally
located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.  Richmond's
communities are within a two-hour drive of Virginia's beaches, the Blue
Ridge Parkway, and Washington, DC.  The area is rich in history and is a
cultural and recreational center for a variety of interests.  The arts
community is very lively for a metro area of fewer than one million people.
 Among the performing arts organizations are the Richmond Ballet, Richmond
Symphony, Virginia Opera, Theatre IV, TheatreVirginia, and numerous
productions at the Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts and the
Landmark Theater.  A variety of museums, parks and sporting facilities are
available on a year-round basis.  In addition, Richmond is corporate
headquarters for 10 Fortune 500 companies.

Thomas F. Molloy, President
Molloy Partners
340 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY  12866
FAX 518/581-2832

Diana Thompson Vincelli
Assistant Director
Corporate & Foundation Relations
101 Maryland Hall
University of Richmond, VA 23173
804/289-8005;  804/287-6491 - FAX