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Re: Forms Andrew Grant 23 Jun 1998 08:31 EST

Re: Forms Andrew Grant 23 Jun 1998 08:31 EST

I just scanned the NEH application face page and budget for the July 1
in the Preservation area using Caere Omniform, version 3.  It can be converted
to .rtf with good results or, I believe the form filler module is share ware
that can be sent along with the file.

Please contact me directly.  If I get a flood of requests, I'll post it on my
personal web site, but that's still in development, and I do have that July 1
deadline coming up.  I should be able get to the web thereafter.  So I ask all
of you to request it from me only if you have a pressing deadline.  Everyone
else can have it later in the summer.


At 02:24 PM 6/22/98 -0700, you wrote:
>With so many excellent web sites available now for agency forms, has
>anyone developed interactive forms for NEH that they would be willing to
>share?  (Thought I would ask before taking NEH's PDF forms and making
>them interactive.)
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