Re: Vacation suspend mlv03@xxxxxx 21 Jun 1998 09:45 EST

Since the message was sent to the list, I will respond to the list...  this
problem seems to be occurring more and more these days.

The list was moved over a month ago... the listserv is at
xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG, and the list address is at xxxxxx@HRINET.ORG

The old listserv still serves other lists, so what they have done is just
locked the old list.  Hence the cool errors you get when you send email to
any of the old addresses.

-- Mike

Keith Finan <xxxxxx@WILLIAMS.EDU> on 06/21/98 07:47:46 AM

Please respond to Research Administration Discussion List

cc:    (bcc: Mike L. Varney/HRI/DOH)
Subject:  Vacation suspend

Sorry to have to bother all the subscribers with this but no choice on
Sunday morning.

The the list Administrator,

I used the nomail, vacation command to suspend the messages from the
listserve and got:
 "Sorry, list RESADM-L has been locked since 04/21/98 17:27 by
 Try again later and contact list owner if condition persists."

If you can suspend my subscription, great.  I won't have access to emial
for 2+ weeks.

Thank you.

Keith C. Finan
Associate Provost
Williams College
P.O. Box 666
Williamstown, MA  01267
(413) 597-4352
(413) 597-3553 FAX