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Re: Community Service IDC Rate Herbert B. Chermside 18 Jun 1998 11:14 EST

When I worked at a land-grant institution, we had research, instruction and
public service rates.  Public service was for "extension" -- agricultural
extension service -- activities.  At that time and place we did not use it
for any other purpose.  Extension activities were conducted in/by a
separately identifiable part of the institution, whose purpose was "public
service"; only projects through that division received that rate.

In recent years, as some universities, including mine, have expanded their
sponsored activites, I have thought that many of these new areas ARE
"public service" in a way that can be differentiated from "research" and
"instruction", and probably should have a separate rate.  If there are
others out there who think the same, we should try to focus and clarify our

I beg the listserve's pardon for making this suggestion and then ducking
out -- I'll be on  travel or leave status till 7/6, except on office 6/25.
If people are interested in pursuing this privately rather than on the
lise, send me e-mail and I'll summarize and share around all the responses
in July.


At 08:44 AM 6/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>This question is for anyone who has experience with community service
rates.  Our organization recently received an indirect cost rate for our
Community Service (CS) activities.  We requested this rate in response to a
grant that we received which required us, by law, to have a federally
approved CS indirect cost rate (ICR) in order to recover any of our
indirect costs.  Now, as should have been expected, our researchers want to
automatically use this lower ICR if their proposal has even a hint of a CS
component.  If anyone participates in community service activities and/or
has a CS ICR, we are very interested in knowing how you determine when this
rate is applied.  What is your definition of a community service activity
as opposed to a research activity.  Many of our grants have components of
both research and community service activities.
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