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Re: How to become a Director of a research office? Sally Eckert-Tilotta (Sally Eckert-Tilotta) 16 Jun 1998 08:47 EST

I also came into this position through the research process.  While I am not the
director of our office, I do his job when he is unavailable, and I am primarily
responsible for many of the operations in our office. When Chuck talks about a
"generalist", there is no more generalist than being in a research admin office
in a smaller school.  You do everything from reviewing contracts to settling IRB
issues to managing a website.  However, probably the best experience I have had
and continue to have in research admin is that of being a PI.  I have hit the
problems (budgetary and otherwise) headon, I have to deal with both sides of
changes in federal regs.  It keeps me able to talk to both sides, able to see
both sides.


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