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Re: How to become a Director of a research office? Andrew Grant 16 Jun 1998 08:42 EST

Re: How to become a Director of a research office? Andrew Grant 16 Jun 1998 08:42 EST

I'd like to add a comment after reading Herb's thoughtful response.  Some
ago I had a vacancy in my office for an Assistant Director (not at JTS where
I'm more in development, but when I had a research administration position).
The two semifinalists were equally strong in different ways.  One was an
insider who knew the institution well and was respected by the faculty.  The
other was an outsider with a doctorate in anthropology who had received some
NSF diissertation funding.  I was really stuck because they each had so
much to
offer.  So I informally surveyed the faculty most active in getting research
grants.  Unanimous -- hire the Ph.D.  Someone who has gone through the process
understands the demands of research.  They all said they would feel more
comfortable and would have an easier time considering the person a colleague.
I did that, and it worked out very well.  Probably would have worked out in
either case, but I think the experience of getting the doctorate (not
necessarily the credential) is a plus in this business.

All the people at that institution who held the Director position had Ph.D.'s,
and it is at least an informal  requirement for the job.  My doctorate is in
Public Administration and has served me well in the process of research
administration.  I specialized in intergovernmental relations, which gives
me a
solid understanding of the philosophy and history of grant funding.

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