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I can understand everyone's concern about abuses to the list but I'm sure
that the writer's  motives were in the right place.  He/She also advised
the group up front that it was a pseudonym.  I too would have liked to know
the answers to the questions he/she posed.  What are the best degrees to
pursue and what training is best if you want to be a Director of a
Sponsored Programs Office?  Being an "underling" can be precarious if
you're looking for advancement and the boss "knows".   I may not want my
boss' job but I would like to know what will increase my knowledge base in
the area of Research Administration for future opportunities.

PS.  There are also many on this list who have posted questions and/or
answers without their names attached which is just like using a pseudonym.
Sometimes identity must be protected for any number of reasons.

Marsha Green

Evelyn Ford <xxxxxx@PGH.AUHS.EDU> on 06/15/98 10:09:29 AM

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Subject:  How to become an abuser of a e-list for professionals -Reply

Marsha --

That concept is alive and well, but abusers of the list -- and
anonymous subscribers to this list are an abuse.  I subscribe to a
number of lists, and RESADM-L has been remarkably free of abusers and
tangential or "noise" e-mails.  The anonymous user  who was sending
messages is typical of the problems experienced by many other lists,
and, believe me, it's a nightmare you don't want.  No anonymous
subscribers -- it's a rule worth supporting.

-- Evelyn Ford
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>>> <xxxxxx@CCMAIL.NEVADA.EDU> - 6/15/98 11:36 AM >>>
...Whatever happened to the concept of mentoring and
training new folks and helping others?

Marsha Green