How to become an abuser of a e-list for professionals -Reply Evelyn Ford 15 Jun 1998 12:09 EST

Marsha --

That concept is alive and well, but abusers of the list -- and
anonymous subscribers to this list are an abuse.  I subscribe to a
number of lists, and RESADM-L has been remarkably free of abusers and
tangential or "noise" e-mails.  The anonymous user  who was sending
messages is typical of the problems experienced by many other lists,
and, believe me, it's a nightmare you don't want.  No anonymous
subscribers -- it's a rule worth supporting.

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>>> <xxxxxx@CCMAIL.NEVADA.EDU> - 6/15/98 11:36 AM >>>
...Whatever happened to the concept of mentoring and
training new folks and helping others?

Marsha Green