Re: How to become a Director of a research office? -Reply -Reply Steadfast Diligent 12 Jun 1998 16:32 EST

Thanks again to those who are responding.  This is obviously a touchy
issue and I am baffled by all the negativity I've seen.

Doctors share their success stories.  Lawyers tell people how they got
to the top.  Politicians love to tell everyone about their climb.  But
I guess research administrators and especially directors of research
offices, aren't ready for such openness.

I will appeal to Mike Varney here, who is in charge of this serv.  If
Mike instructs that this topic be dropped, I'll drop the whole thing
and not post here anymore.  And I apologize for raising such an
obviously touchy issue.  All I wanted was to get some basic career
information but not reveal my identity.  Jeez!

---Leon Cohen <xxxxxx@RESEARCH.CSUDH.EDU> wrote:
> And you surely can understand why people are reluctant to answer
questions when they do not know who the questioner is or who is
sponsoring the survey, etc. etc.
> -Leon Cohen

.... and JUDITH WILKINSON <> wrote:

It is Friday! Get a life and lighten up.

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