Re: How to become a Director of a research office? -Reply Steadfast Diligent 12 Jun 1998 13:27 EST

Hello resadm-l folks,
I am really saddened that a few people would not understand that an
up-and-coming research administrator, who is experienced in the field,
who is a member of professional research administration organizations,
and who works at one of the top research universities in the nation...
would NOT want their contracts and grants director thinking that the
person is after their job.  The only way to keep that at bay is
anonymity.  I need to have good relations with that person, because I
need the help of them and their staff.

This is a serious and legitimate career question and I am grateful to
the people who are taking the time to answer it seriously.  And I have
heard from many already who are keenly interested in the answers to
the questions in the earlier post.  I will make a summary of the
responses I receive and then post that single summary, so keep them
coming, either to me or to the list.

I am extremely disappointed by the other responses below.

Lastly, a hoax is usually something involving 5th graders and their
internet research project or Craig Shergold...  not something like this!

Paul Parker <xxxxxx@BINGHAMTON.EDU>
In my opinion anyone who responds to this "no name" person and campus is
wasting his/her time.

And Evelyn Ford <xxxxxx@PGH.AUHS.EDU> wrote:
> What question here requires anonymity?  This is probably a hoax!
> Don't reply.
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