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Re: How to become a Director of a research office? Paul Parker 12 Jun 1998 04:29 EST

In my opinion anyone who responds to this "no name" person and campus is
wasting his/her time.

>Hello to all you research administrators.  Okay, forgive me, I just
>now created an anonymous email specifically to send this very message,
>because I didn't want my famous university to be identified
>here.  But I have a VERY important question that needs some anonymity.
>The question is... just HOW does one become director of a campus
>office of sponsored research services?
>1) Does a degree help?  What degree was your campus administration
>looking for when they interviewed you?  What degree do you have? (this
>is my main question as I consider getting additional training/education)
>2) What kind of experience was your campus administration looking for
>when they interviewed you for the job?  What kind of experience did
>you have at that time?
>3) Did networking help?  did they already know you, or know of you?
>4) Was it a big "jump?"  that is, were you working at a position that
>was a step or so down from being the boss?  And how about
>geographically? did you travel far to get the job?
>5) Did certification help? If so what kind.
>.....ANY other advice would be appreciated.  I really value all the
>terrific feedback that folks provide on this serv!  I've worked in
>research administration for about 15 years, the promotions have been
>hard to come by, but I am starting to think that two things would
>help:  a) advice from this group and b)further education...(but what
>Thanks everyone, for sharing your success stories and
>telling us how you did it!
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