How to become a Director of a research office? Steadfast Diligent 11 Jun 1998 19:10 EST

Hello to all you research administrators.  Okay, forgive me, I just
now created an anonymous email specifically to send this very message,
because I didn't want my famous university to be identified
here.  But I have a VERY important question that needs some anonymity.

The question is... just HOW does one become director of a campus
office of sponsored research services?

1) Does a degree help?  What degree was your campus administration
looking for when they interviewed you?  What degree do you have? (this
is my main question as I consider getting additional training/education)

2) What kind of experience was your campus administration looking for
when they interviewed you for the job?  What kind of experience did
you have at that time?

3) Did networking help?  did they already know you, or know of you?

4) Was it a big "jump?"  that is, were you working at a position that
was a step or so down from being the boss?  And how about
geographically? did you travel far to get the job?

5) Did certification help? If so what kind.

.....ANY other advice would be appreciated.  I really value all the
terrific feedback that folks provide on this serv!  I've worked in
research administration for about 15 years, the promotions have been
hard to come by, but I am starting to think that two things would
help:  a) advice from this group and b)further education...(but what

Thanks everyone, for sharing your success stories and
telling us how you did it!

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