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At present the system will print the AA, DD, and EE forms from the data
entered. We are working on adding the Bio sketch information (FF), Other
support data (GG) (pulled from out faculty profiles), and page II. Other
pages will probably come later (e.g. BB), but we are sensitive to the
fact that most PI's would rather prepare these other pages themselves
(Especially as they don't change much). Our system comes form the
perspective of providing an internal proposal routing and information
gathering system first, and a method of preparing the external documents
second. Further development of these other pages will be determined by
the priority against other systems I have to build and support and my
administrative duties.

Sorry for the delay in responding - it's year end crazy time.


PS As long as I get a place, I will be bring and showing all our system
to the ERA III in Atlanta.

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David, it was a pleasure talking to you yesterday and surfing your site.
You have done a fine job on Proposal Development. I hope that I will
able to "play" with the system at greater length to get a better
understanding of it's features. When that is possible, please let me

It wasn't clear if your system is complete in its ability to print the
entire 338 form. Can you clarify which features are still not working?

Again, thanks again for all your time. We are looking forward to more
information regarding pricing, roll-out, etc.

Lot of luck. Dale