Apologies for "helping kids" error Michael Odza 09 Jun 1998 06:45 EST

I must still be suffering jet lag--my apologies for not picking up the
warning signs that the "Steve and Amanda" e-mail is the equivalent of a
virus, only of our minds and attention. The project ended in 1996, and
has been circulating ever since. The short version of the cautions on
the sites listed below is: if any message says, "please send on" warning
bells should go off.

Again, sorry for my part.

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> This project began and ended in 1996.  Please DO NOT respond!!  See
> the
> following for more information:
> http://www.vex.net/yarn/list/199608/0052.html
> http://www.urbanlegends.com/misc/stevie_and_amanda.html
> http://www.mlists.com/archives/dc-heroes/old/May/0000.html
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