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Re: Software/Upcoming ERA Meeting Lisa F. Richman Ballance 09 Jun 1998 05:59 EST

Re: Software/Upcoming ERA Meeting Lisa F. Richman Ballance 09 Jun 1998 05:59 EST


I just gave a session at the SRA meeting for Va Chapter.  The topic was how
to streamline software evaluation and selection through the RFI process,
what to include in the RFI, how to draft it, how to evaluate reponses, etc.

Evidently this was very well-recieved...  The title was "A Streamlined
Approach to Reviewing ERA Software for large and small institutions"

I used this approachin working with VCU to select their system and they
have great things to say about the process!

Anyway, fyi,


At 12:28 PM 6/4/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I wanted to comment on your idea about having ERA system panels or
>roundtables at upcoming ERA meetings.  I agree with you that this kind of
>sharing is really valuable.
>I'm not sure when SRA's next ERA meeting is going to be, but at NCURA's ERA
>III meeting this summer in Atlanta, we are planning several discussion
>sessions just as you describe.  These include one on vendor/consortium ERA
>systems, one on database software choices, one on funding opportunity
>systems, and one on faculty profile systems.  There is also a concurrent
>session on "Lessons Learned in Systems Development."
>-- Pamela
>>Personally, I think that it would be a great idea to have ERA system panels
>>or roundtables at the upcoming SRA/NCURA meeting.
>>It would be great to go to a session and have 4 people who use "XYZ" talk
>>about how they made the decision to go with that product, what modules they
>>purchased and why, what major steps were necessary for implementation, how
>>long implementation takes, did they integrate it with legacy systems (how
>>did that go)... etc.
>>Comments anyone?
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