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Re: recognition devices Pam Whitlock 08 Jun 1998 12:18 EST

One of the recognition strategies we use at UNCW is the "Million Dollar
Club".  We recognize faculty who have served as PI or co-PI on projects
cummulatively totalling $1m.  They receive a paperweight, etc. engraved with
name, Million Dollar Club, and the year.  We also have a plaque in our
office that shows the "honor roll".  We make the announcement at our faculty
reception (similar to your luncheon, except it's less complicated working
around classes) and highlight it in our newsletter.  Last year we invited a
representative from our Advancement/Development office who does press
releases and got some good mileage out of the whole event.

Fairly cheap (probably less than $15 after you buy the original plaque) but

We send a letter from the Dean of Graduate School and Research to the PI(s),
congratulating them when an award is received.  This is cc'd to dept chair,
appropriate dean, provost and the Advancement Office for press releases,
internal campus newsletter, etc.

Just a couple ideas.

At 10:56 AM 6/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>To the list--
>I'm looking for suggestions on ways to recognize faculty/staff for seeking
>external funding.  In the past we have hosted a luncheon for anyone who has
>submitted a grant proposal on our annual Research and Scholarly Activity Day
>(where faculty, students, and staff display the results of their
>research/scholarly activity on posters).  That works okay, but I'd like to
>consider other possibilities.  What do other offices do?
>We're a small school (FTE approximately 5,000) with a small grants office (FTE
>1.4) in a small town, so elaborate and/or expensive events are out of the
>Please respond to the list, others may well be interested.
>Regards, Bill Campbell
>Director, Grants & Research
>University of Wisconsin-River Falls
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