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Re: recognition devices Diana Vincelli 04 Jun 1998 11:44 EST

Greetings -
Faculty recognition is so important.  We host a very nice cocktail party
for everyone who applies (regardless of results), plus their spouse/guest,
either at the President's House or in alternate years the dining room of
the state art museum.  Faculty enjoy both - the President's house is very
nice, and the museum is a very nice off campus location.  We have great
food, open bar, and a pianist or other musical entertainment.  The only
"program" is the president thanking everyone for the effort and recognizing
the value of research, projects and external funding.  We also recognize
applicants and grantees  in our monthly newsletter, and grantees in the
alumni magazine.  We sent out press releases, which are occasionally picked
up.  We try to have the president write a letter of congratulations.

Also we have a just-for-fun "Most Prestigious Rejection Award" - (complete
with fancy certificate) and take out for a nice lunch the (anonymous)
faculty member who gets turned down from the best of the best foundations.
This is our way of promoting the premise that if you don't apply, you will
not receive an award - so try for the best! And learn a lot about your self
and your project in the process.  We can make a big deal about it in our
newsletter, and even in the university staff newsletter, but do not name
the winner (or loser!).

Looking forward to hearing some other new ideas!

At 10:56 AM 6/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>To the list--
>I'm looking for suggestions on ways to recognize faculty/staff for seeking
>external funding.  In the past we have hosted a luncheon for anyone who has
>submitted a grant proposal on our annual Research and Scholarly Activity Day
>(where faculty, students, and staff display the results of their
>research/scholarly activity on posters).  That works okay, but I'd like to
>consider other possibilities.  What do other offices do?
>We're a small school (FTE approximately 5,000) with a small grants office
>1.4) in a small town, so elaborate and/or expensive events are out of the
>Please respond to the list, others may well be interested.
>Regards, Bill Campbell
>Director, Grants & Research
>University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Diana Thompson Vincelli
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