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Re: Subject reimbursement -Reply Syphers, Chris 28 May 1998 06:54 EST

Depending on the amount you are paying your subjects, gift certificates are
one way of ensuring confidentiality. They can be purchased in bulk and
usually don't require a name on them at the time of purchase. My lovely
bride, the research scientist, uses them all the time.


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> >How are your institutions paying subjects for their participation in
> a research study?
> Usually by check. Some only get parking or lunch paid. These are done
> by voucher.
> Do you pay them in cash?
> No
> If you pay them with a check, how do you ensure confidentiality?
> This one is tough. The Hospital won't cut a check without a name,
> address and SSN. We explain to the subject that payment will be by
> check and that the Finance Department will get the above information.
> The explanation field usually just states "Stipend for participation
> in research." The subjects like to know, but no one has withdrawn
> because  this info was sent to Finance.
> Hope that helps,
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