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Chairperson Wanted Karin Klenke 27 May 1998 19:53 EST

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 ********************POSITION ANNOUNCEMENTS***************



The Association of Management/International Association of Management
(AoM/IAoM)is looking for academicians or practitioners to fill the positions
of Chair and Co-Chair of the Research Methods (RM) Division.

The AoM/IAoM is a professional management association which is structured
along divisional lines. The divisions represent major areas of
specialization in the field of management including organizational, human
resource, educational, health care, and information management. In addition,
separate divisions exist for leadership, entrepreneurship, computer science,
policy analysis, distance learning, and research methods. Existing
international regions are divided into Europe, Latin America, and
Asia/ Pacific. The RM Division currently has 10 tracks which are listed on
our web site at www.

The positions of Chair and Co-Chair of the RM Division are leadership
positions which require excellent management and communications skills and
accrue benefits to both the incumbent and his/her institution. The Division
Chairs, in cooperation with the Co-Chairs, control the operation of their
divisions in compliance with the AoM/IAoM constitution. The Chair and
Co-Chair are responsible for the annual conference program of their divison,
select/ appoint session chairs and reviewers for the annual conferences and
undertake new initiatives (i.e., calling for a division conference or
commisioning publications which reflect current issues in the division) to
further the growth of their division. The Division Chairs also serve as the
editors of the annual proceedings of their division (unless the Chair
decides to delegate editorial responsibilities to his or her Co-Chair or a
member of the division).

The Chair and Co-Chair of the RM Division must have a broad understanding of
the current issues and challenges in the field of research methodologies,
both quantitative and qualitative. Once appointed, they must be committed to
support the mission and goals of the AoM/IAoM. They must be able to mobilize
some institutional resources to promote the AoM/IAoM conferences and obtain
funding for their travel. The Chair and Co-Chair also must have the
requisite technological savvy and access to computer and internet resources
as the AoM/IAoM continues to move its operations into cyberspace. Finally,
the Chair and Co-Chair are expected to work effectively as members of a
multi- divisional team.

In return, the AoM/IAoM recognizes the contributions of its leaders and
their institutions in the conference program and the annual proceedings. In
addition, an attractive award program exists for outstanding division and
international region chairs ranging from recognition awards to cash rewards

Subscribers of this list who are interested in the position of Chair or
Co-Chair of the RM Division are encouraged to peruse the various pages of
our web site and are invited to submit their CV along with a statement of
their research or applied interests. Applicants are encouraged to attend
this year's annual conference to be held in Chicago, August 5-8, either as a
presenter or attendee ( annual conference).

For more information, contact:

Karin Klenke, Ph.D.
AoM/IAoM Interim President
11101 Lady Allison Lane
Midlothian, VA 23113
(804) 320-5771