Two New NSF Competitions Announced Conrad Katzenmeyer 21 May 1998 11:02 EST

 The National Science Foundation is soliciting
 evaluative/impact studies of our Systemic Initiatives
 through what is termed a Dear Colleague Letter - a means
 that NSF uses to reach the field quickly.  These two Dear
 Colleague Letter will not be distributed by mail but are
 available through NSF's Website.  Eligibility to compete is
 broad:  education institutions, non-profits, profits, even
 individuals under some conditions are all eligible.  The
 closing date for submission of proposals is July 1, 1998.

 The URLs for the two Dear Colleague Letters are:

 http:/   for the
 Statewide Systemic Initiatives competition.

 http:/  for the
 Urban and Rural Systemic Initiatives competition.

 NSF intends to make multiple awards under each competition.

          NSF will also be issuing a third Dear Colleague Letter to
          solicit research studies on the Systemic Initiatives.  This
          announcement will also be available only on the NSF Website.
          It is expected that the third Dear Colleague Letter will be
          available sometime in June, 1998 proposals due in
          October, 1998.
                                      Conrad Katzenmeyer
                                      Education and Human Resources
                                      National Science Foundation