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SBDC applications Holly Myers-Jones 19 May 1998 15:04 EST

I am seeking the assistance of those of you who are familiar with the Small
Business Development Center program from SBA.

We are preparing an application to the SBDC program and are confused about
the charging of indirect costs.  Our PI was told at a state meeting that
university subcenters could charge the federally negotiated indirect cost
rate.  We just received via fax a correction to the RFP that states,
"IHE applicants shall furnish their current indirect cost rate agreement as
negotiated with their cognizant agency.  Indirect costs are not an eligible
expense for SBA or ODOD GRF funds."

Do any of you have experience with this program, and in particular the
charging of indirect costs?  We are struggling with whether or not to show
indirects as cash cost share or whether we have to request the costs
normally associated with indirects as direct costs.  Please respond to me
directly at  Thanks.

Holly J. Myers-Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, Ohio 43403
419-372-2481; 419-372-0304 (fax)