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Re: E-mail newsletters? kathleen sobieralski 15 May 1998 13:14 EST


The List Serv method has been a great format for
reaching the target audience.  However, rather than
a regularly issued newsletter, which must be skimmed,
perhaps, for content, well captioned individual items
posted through the list serv give the e-mail nudge
but allow the reader to prioritize and see what's coming.

The e-mail bullets also allow the ideas to be saved for
easy reference later.


At 11:06 AM 5/15/98 -0600, xxxxxx@STTHOMAS.EDU wrote:
>Would some of the early adopters in the audience who send an e-mail
>newsletter to faculty kindly share a recent edition?  Please forward
>I'd include in the category a regular mailing that points to a web
>newsletter, but am not interested in web-only news postings (without
>the intrusive e-mail nudge).
>The spirit has long been willing but the infrastructure was weak.
>Now, with a little luck, it appears we'll be able to implement
>a 90s kind of newsletter before the millenium... but I'd appreciate
>a glimpse of what others have found "do-able".
>(Looks like the new utility will be MicroSoft Exchange/Outlook.)
>All inspiration will be gratefully acknowledged.
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