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Re: Software/memory upgrades completed... mlv03@xxxxxx 14 May 1998 06:46 EST

You were subscribed under two addresses.  I just removed the one you
weren't using.  You should get a notice saying the address was removed.
You're all set...

-- Mike

xxxxxx@WCIC.CIOE.COM on 05/14/98 12:28:37 AM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Mike L. Varney/HRI/DOH)
Subject:  Re: Software/memory upgrades completed...


I've got a slightly different problem that I hope you can help me with.
Suddenly, I'm getting two (2) copies of every message posted to the
RESADM-List.  Is this something you can fix ?  Or, should I UNSUBSCRIBE
and then RE-SUBSCRIBE ?

Lou Pellegrino

xxxxxx@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US wrote:
> (My previous note may not have gotten to all members... I apologize if
you > receive this twice!)
> The software and memory upgrades that have kept RESADM-L quiet for the
last > couple of days have been completed.
> We have reason to believe that due to a typographical error included in
the > default configuration files included with server's email system
upgrade, it > is possible that some email which had been accumulating over
the two days > the system was down may have been lost.  This would include
any RESADM-L > submissions (and LISTSERV commands) sent after about 10AM on
Tuesday 5/12 > through about 3:30PM on 5/13.  This would also include the
RESADM-L digests > for 5/12.
> If you sent any submissions to the list during this period, please
> re-submit your note.  If you are a recipient of digests, you may view the
> missed digest at the web site, ...
> -- Mike Varney