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Re: Information Systems Bob Beattie 12 May 1998 14:06 EST

PeopleSoft is currently developing a pre-award and post-award
GRANTS module which may be available in beta form in 2nd quarter
1999.  UMich is now implementing the PS General ledger in version 6
which required tremendous special programming to manage even simple
sponsored  programs aspects, for example it originally did not
allow for indirect costs and allowed only a single fiscal year for
accounts (project/grants).  Imagine setting up all of your
sponsored projects to begin July 1 !   HR is to come up in 2000
As I understand it, the  financial system and the HR
system will not share a common data
base until well into the next century; nor are any of the
modules web based.

UMIch is participating in the GRANTS development with
a half-dozen other schools and we should know more of what
to expect at the end of June.

 Bob Beattie
Manager, ERA
The University of Michigan

>From: Research Administration Discussion List on Tue, May 12, 1998 7:45 AM
>Subject: Information Systems
>While we're on the topic of databases, etc., the University of New Hampshire
>is in the preliminary stages of shopping around for replacements for our
>financial and human resource packages and for our home-grown sponsored
>research information systems.  We are hoping to find one vendor that might
>offer an integrated solution in all three areas.
>SCT/Banner and PeopleSoft are two vendors that we are beginning to study.
>former currently has a grants module that I've been told by colleagues is not
>satisfactory for comprehensive grants management.  The newest product verion
>is   just now being implemented by campuses and holds some promise.
>is developING a grants module but has no product as yet.
>If your institution is currently running Banner financials and/or human
>resources OR PeopleSoft financials and/or human resources and you or a
>colleague at your institution would be willing to share your experiences with
>these products (particularly as they relate to sponsored research), please
>me know off-list.  I'm trying to gather as much info as possible, and would
>love to talk/e-mail with you.
>Many thanks,
>Suzanne Huard
>Mgr, Information Systems & Technology              Tel:   603-862-2005
>Office of Sponsored Research                       Fax:   603-862-3564
>University of New Hampshire
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