Prioitizing Grant Seeking Efforts john cavendish 13 May 1998 08:20 EST

I'm working on a scheme to prioritize the level of institutional support
we give to proposals based on quantifiable and defensible criteria.  In
the model I'm working on, I define level of institutional support as a
function of impact on University mission and fiscal impact.  The fiscal
component is fairly staight forward wherein we look at things like the F
& A as a percentage of our approved rate, and our cost-sharing as a
percentage of the external award.  On the other hand, the impact on
University mission is not so straight forward.  We are a regional
institution.  Thus teaching has the highest priority of our activities,
folowwed by public service and research.  I would appreciate feedback on
what factors should be taken into account when we try to quantify the
impact on our mission.  Feel free to respond directly.

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