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Software/memory upgrades completed... mlv03@xxxxxx 13 May 1998 14:46 EST

The software and memory upgrades that have kept RESADM-L quiet for the last
couple of days have been completed.

We have reason to believe that due to a typographical error included in the
default configuration files included with server's email system upgrade, it
is possible that some email which had been accumulating over the two days
the system was down may have been lost.  This would include any RESADM-L
submissions (and LISTSERV commands) sent after about 10AM on Tuesday 5/12
through about 3:30PM on 5/13.  This would also include the RESADM-L digests
for 5/12.

If you sent any submissions to the list during this period, please
re-submit your note.  If you are a recipient of digests, you may view the
missed digest at the web site, ...

-- Mike Varney