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Re: Information Systems Hopper, Janet L 12 May 1998 07:45 EST

Our University is in the same process of trying to find an integrated system
for financials and human resources.  I understand PeopleSoft does have a
Grant Accounting and Sponsored Research Management System  package and a
Projects package.  I would be very interested in hearing from anyone that is
using PeopleSoft or any other software package especially the Grants or
Project packages.

I have brochures on both of these packages and PeopleSoft did come do a demo
for us but I did not get to go to the hands on lab to determine how much was
sales pitch and how much was reality.

We hope to have an RFP out by July, (we have been working up to this point
for over a year) so any information will be greatly appreciated.

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> While we're on the topic of databases, etc., the University of New
> Hampshire
> is in the preliminary stages of shopping around for replacements for our
> financial and human resource packages and for our home-grown sponsored
> research information systems.  We are hoping to find one vendor that might
> offer an integrated solution in all three areas.
> SCT/Banner and PeopleSoft are two vendors that we are beginning to study.
> The
> former currently has a grants module that I've been told by colleagues is
> not
> satisfactory for comprehensive grants management.  The newest product
> verion
> is   just now being implemented by campuses and holds some promise.
> PeopleSoft
> is developING a grants module but has no product as yet.
> If your institution is currently running Banner financials and/or human
> resources OR PeopleSoft financials and/or human resources and you or a
> colleague at your institution would be willing to share your experiences
> with
> these products (particularly as they relate to sponsored research), please
> let
> me know off-list.  I'm trying to gather as much info as possible, and
> would
> love to talk/e-mail with you.
> Many thanks,
> Suzanne
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