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Re: Proposal Database Herbert B. Chermside 11 May 1998 15:01 EST

At 10:14 AM 5/11/98 -0700, you wrote:

Virginia Commonwealth University has developed (well, we've been using it
for several years, but we're still expanding its utility!!)  a Proposal and
Award database that runs on Microsoft Access.  It is available for a low
fee, with no support.  We sell it "As is, unsupported, no warranty, we
weren't there and it didn't happen, anyway", so far as VCU support is
concerned.  Some of our staff may be available pribvately as consultants,
if needed.

Currently we are running a version on Access 97.  (We found Access 95
unstable) (Note: we run NT 4.0 Workstation as our OS, but there's no reason
to doubt that it runs under Win 95!)

Previously we ran Access 2.0, under Windows 3.11.  That version is
available, too, but is more primative.

This system has been developed to do a LOT for us.

1)  It manages proposal information (what we need, but probably what you
need, too  --  anyway, you can change it if you wish, if you have someone
familiar with Access).

2)  It manages award information.  (We send award info to our accountants
on paper, but that's because they haven't created an interface to input our
award info into their account create subsystem.)

3)  It takes information from the Access  database and in the form of
queries and merges them to MSWord documents "on file" to create:
-- Industrial research agreements
-- fixed price research agreements
--  Modifications to agreements
--  Interagency agreements (other agencies in our state)
--  and others , some of which now work and some of which will work when we
get a little more time.

4)  We can also export specific data and merge with selections from a
library in WordPerfect for subaward agreements.  (That's an extra cost item)

If any one is interested, let us know.  Honestly, we are just starting to
make it available for sale, so we don't have a polished borchure or

Repeat:  it is on an "as is, no warranty, no support" basis -- but it is
"open", in the sense that you can start customizing immediately.

Chuck, Betty, Adam, Pat, & Debbie

>Hello all:
>I'm new to the mailing list and have a quick question.
>I'm with the Cal State L.A. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
>and we are looking for a pre-award database that 1) eliminates query
>time, 2) is user friendly, and 3) can eventually export data to a
>post-award system.  Our pre-award and post-award offices are separate.
>Pre-award is governed by the state and the other is governed by a
>foundation.  At this time we cannot consider a database that includes
>both pre and post award functions: we need only pre-award.  Does anyone
>know of a database that might meet our needs?  I've already looked at
>InfoEd and RAM-FIE systems and they are either too comprehensive (they
>include both pre and post award functions) or too expensive.  I've also
>written Oracle and they haven't finished developing their pre-award
>module yet.
>Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
>Keith M. Baker
>Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
>Cal State L.A.
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