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Re: database program mgreen@xxxxxx 11 May 1998 12:46 EST

Tried to send this directly to your email address but didn't go through so
 will send to the list...

UNLV uses the NextERA database program from RAMS-FIE folks.  We previously
used the RAMS program (dos-based) and converted in Jan. 98 to the NextERA
which is windows based.  Had some problems initially with the conversion
but it works well now.  Takes some initial training time to "get it" but
works smoothly once the kinks are out.  Like anything it takes some
practice and use to be really comfortable with it.  We're a pre-award
office only.  We're basically interested only in the award dates and
amounts and the reports due as post-award process so this is a good program
for us.

Marsha Green
Office of Sponsored Programs
University of  Nevada, Las Vegas

"Baker, Keith" <xxxxxx@CSLANET.CALSTATELA.EDU> on 05/11/98 10:14:51 AM

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Hello all:

I'm new to the mailing list and have a quick question.

I'm with the Cal State L.A. Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
and we are looking for a pre-award database that 1) eliminates query
time, 2) is user friendly, and 3) can eventually export data to a
post-award system.  Our pre-award and post-award offices are separate.
Pre-award is governed by the state and the other is governed by a
foundation.  At this time we cannot consider a database that includes
both pre and post award functions: we need only pre-award.  Does anyone
know of a database that might meet our needs?  I've already looked at
InfoEd and RAM-FIE systems and they are either too comprehensive (they
include both pre and post award functions) or too expensive.  I've also
written Oracle and they haven't finished developing their pre-award
module yet.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Keith M. Baker
Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Cal State L.A.
(213) 343-5366/ Fax: (213) 343-6430