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Re: internal approvals Peter J. Dolce 05 May 1998 11:18 EST

Ditto for everything John Czaja said about approving the budget before
the entire proposal is ready.  For years I resisted accepting the budget
before the entire application was ready because I feared it would teach
PIs that "They only look at the budget."  That hasn't happened, and we
even win some points from PIs: when we have their budgets on spreadsheet
templates of agency forms, we can enter changes with a few keystrokes as
the deadline nears.  This is especially helpful to us and to PIs when
the project involves subcontracts or subprojects: handling 10 or 12
coordinated budgets is routine for us, but a monster task for most PIs.
It's been one of those rare cases when our obligation to "facilitate"
work for faculty meshes with our obligation to protect the institution.

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