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Re: internal approvals Val Seaquist 05 May 1998 08:43 EST
The proposal approval process is important to insure that required funding estimates are stated correctly, that cost sharing commitments have actual documented sources, that proposed research efforts are compatible with the University's mission and ability to perform, and that the agency guidelines have been followed. A preproposal approval process would give you a heads-up, but it seems to be more bureaucracy without any effective control.

While we don't flood the funding agencies with incorrect proposals, we have taken the position that a P.I. who doesn't provide sufficient review time will have his/her proposal submitted but it is subject to withdrawal if found incorrect/incomplete after submission.

Valerie Seaquist
Office of Research Administration
The University of Alabama in Huntsville

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We're having 'the usual' problems with proposals coming in the day they need to be mailed with any number of things wrong with them.  Our policy has always been to bend over backwards to accommodate but sometimes it's impossible.
It's been proposed that we begin an approval process for proposals BEFORE they are written, rather than afterwards -- the idea being that obtaining approval to write a proposal at least means that the R&SP office, the budget folks, the department heads etc. all know in advance, can get involved and and head off some of the problems before it's too late.  Does anyone else have an up-front approval process? If so, does it work? How does it work?  What are the pitfalls?
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