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Re: internal approvals Hathaway, Charlie 05 May 1998 08:29 EST

"approval process for proposals BEFORE they are written"

what will you be approving?

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> Subject:      internal approvals
> We're having 'the usual' problems with proposals coming in the day
> they need to be mailed with any number of things wrong with them.  Our
> policy has always been to bend over backwards to accommodate but
> sometimes it's impossible.
> It's been proposed that we begin an approval process for proposals
> BEFORE they are written, rather than afterwards -- the idea being that
> obtaining approval to write a proposal at least means that the R&SP
> office, the budget folks, the department heads etc. all know in
> advance, can get involved and and head off some of the problems before
> it's too late.  Does anyone else have an up-front approval process? If
> so, does it work? How does it work?  What are the pitfalls?
> Thanks!
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