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Re: internal approvals Herbert B. Chermside 05 May 1998 07:43 EST

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Alex, I doubt you will have much success "requiring" the approval process
to start when the PI starts planning the proposal.

Instead, seek some INDUCEMENT to have the PI notify interested parties.  If
PI's are responsible for packaging and transmitting proposals, you could do
that for those who follow a "Planned Proposal Process".  Also a PUBLIC
GUARANTEE that a PPP document will not be held up in the approval process.
Maybe you could do an early review of some parts of a proposal -- budget
review, etc. -- by fax.  Seek out the most time consuming parts of your
review for early review.

It is terribly important to continue the "bust a gut for the PI" attitude,
but create a "Priviledged Class" of PI's who give you lead time.

Good luck, and share your success after you've tested a new system for a


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