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Re: Top Secret Research Lisa F. Richman Ballance 03 May 1998 11:38 EST

Would bonding be a necessary consideration in this instance?


At 06:02 PM 4/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 03:27 PM 4/29/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>I am interested in knowing about any policies that relate to
>>top secret research.  A number of years ago we discussed classified
>>research and decided to take a pass on it.  Now top secret beccomes
>>the topic of they day.  Besides the Georgia Techs and MITs, who is
>>is doing this and what are your policies that relate to the issue?
>>If you wish you may contact me directly.  Thanks for your help.
>>Patricia A. Conway
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>Security classified research can be a very emotionally charged subject on a
>university campus.  The concept of data and scholarship that cannot be
>shared openly violates written policies at many institutions.  In
>additiona, the facilities and control opersonnel for secure storage of
>data, secure experimental areas, etc. can be very expensive to maintain.
>A likely concommittant is a drug-free workFORCE contract clause. This
>involves arranging for a program of random drug testing.  At some
>institutions this may also violate policies -- at my institution our Human
>Resources head thinks she has been told from the A.G.'s office (we're
>state!) that accepting that clause might be a violation of state personnel
>regulations, but we didn't seek a clear determinations.
>I have one researcher doing security classified work as a subcontract.
>However, the arrangements involve
>a) his security classification is maintained through another organization
>(his private consulting company),
>b) the work will be performed at the prime contractor's site, and no
>classified material OR reports will be on our campus.
>I suggest that the decision to bring such work on campus must be made at
>the highest executive levels, and with full information on the long term
>Also apply the "X test", where X is the local newspaper which runs scathing
>attacks on your institution --  Suppose the headlines one Saturday morning
>(NEVER on a day when you are in your office!) say, "XYZ U. undertakes top
>secret work; locks professors out of labs!"
>But if you do do it, successfully, share your techniques  and safeguards!
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