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Filtering email from the list... mlv03@xxxxxx 25 Apr 1998 07:51 EST

A few users of the list have asked why the "FROM" field on list messages no
longer lists "RESADM-L" - instead it lists the submitter of the post.
Apparently the FROM field was a popular field to sort/file messages with in
Eudora (and other) email packages.

I have been in contact with the manufacturers of the listserv software, and
according to internet standards (that did not exist when the old version we
were using was written) the FROM field "must" have the sender of the email
message in it.  Replacing it with the list name is not supported as it is
not in compliance with the standard.

If you are filtering or filing incoming email with your mail client, it was
instead suggested you use the TO or REPLY-TO fields to sort your mail.
It's been a while since I've use Eudora, but I'm pretty sure that you can
sort/file based on who the mail is addressed to (as it is possible to have
multiple "personalities" in your client and then separate the email

If you have any further questions, please email me directly at

-- Mike