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RESADM-L Notice... Linda Richardson 23 Apr 1998 13:33 EST

>Subject: Re: Account Receivable systems
>At 03:22 PM 4/21/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>We are looking for a new receivable system for project and non-student
>>receivables.  Ideally we would want to be able to create an invoice that
>>automatically feeds to the individual account and payments posted
directly to
>>the account.  This information should be available to feed to our financial
>>accounting system.  Also we would like to be able to get a summary of
>>outstanding invoices for an account.
>>I would appreciate knowing what systems others use and what are the pro's
>>con's of the system.
>>E-mail me at xxxxxx@VAX1.AIS.IIT.EDU or call me at 312-567-3332.
>>Thanks in advance for any responses.
>>Jean Engel
>>Illinois Institute of Technology
>Please forward to me any info you receive in response to your request.  I,
>also, would like to set up a more efficient accounts receivable system, for
>pharmaceutical sponsored clinical research studies.  The receivables for
>each study must be tailored to each contract, and be updated according to
>number of and status in study of each subject, and procedures performed, as
>well as reimbursables, and of course, some contracts pay a percentage of
>earned cost until final payment, some upfront payments are deducted from
>first earned amounts and some from final payment.  It's hard to tailor, and
>to project future earnings and to then roll them all up for summaries
>depending on type of study, PI, research teams, department.  Very
>time-consuming.  So, all ideas would be welcomed!

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