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Re: Dedicated Grants Development Efforts -Reply -Reply Farbman, Betty 23 Apr 1998 10:29 EST

I find this an interesting interpretation of my posting.  I didn't think
the question had to do with assisting faculty in all the ways herein
described.  I thought it had to do with dedicated grant writers, or
"hired guns".

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> I, too, agree with Bill. It has been my experience that "if you can't
> do it, you can't write it," but not vice versa. A significant number
> of the physicians with whom I work are put off by the 'process' of
> applying. All are capable in their fields and  have no difficulty
> performing the technical/clinical aspects of the project. They know
> what they want to do and how to do it (protocol, materials, methods),
> but don't do well filling out the forms. Also, none has the time or
> inclination to keep current on the regs (hospital or external),
> internal budgeting details (fringes, FICA, indirect rate, space
> charges), which committee approvals to get and how, etc., that's
> where I come in. The investigators ALWAYS have final authority on the
> submission. My input gets them off the bench and into the game. But
> once they find out how much fun this is, I could be out of a job.
> ;-)
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