Email list hosting service & mailing list manager

Tip for the new setup... Mike Varney 22 Apr 1998 15:16 EST

As a number of people are finding out, with this new system we are also now
not limited to processing sumbissions only during off-peak hours.  So, people
who before though it was kinda neat that the list only sent messages at
times after 5PM Eastern Time, now will get the messages throughout the day.
Granted, we only distribute 2-8 messages a day, but it can get interruptive...
especially if you're a list owner who is now getting errors thoughout the day
instead of only at night!

Anyways, to set your subscription to "digest" mode, which means you will
get a single email each evening with all of the days email packed into one
note, send the following command in the body of a note to "":


If you have any problems doing this, especially if you get a return message
which tells you you're not subscribed to RESADM-L, please email me at or

-- Mike