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Re: Workshops Patti Landers 10 Apr 1998 16:37 EST

At 04:23 PM 4/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Listserve Members:
>Would you be kind enough to let me know (either by way of the listserve or
>individually by e-mail) the kinds of faculty/staff workshops your sponsored
>programs offices offer during a calendar year?  I am specifically interested
>in the following information:
>1.  The number of different workshops offered by your office during the year.

Offer monthly shortcourses (Using Internet to find $$ for Research) I teach
this.  We also offered a monthly FastLane training workshop, but it was not
too effective, so I quit. I found it better to work with PIs individually
for FastLane.

>2.  Workshop topics (such as proposal writing, research ethics, etc.)
 about 2 per year.  This year we brought in someone for an IRB workshop.
We also had a large workshop (2 sessions) for NSF general information.  We
plan to have a proposal writing workshop in the fall.

>3.  Who gives these workshops (sponsored programs staff, faculty, "outside"

SEE #2

>4.  What format works best for your campus:  regular brown bag lunches,
>    one- to two-day hands-on mini-conferences, etc.
MINI CONFERENCES (nobody has much time)

>5.  How successful (or not) your educational efforts have been.

VERY SUCCESSFUL.  In the case of the NSF workshops, I just e-mailed PIs and
told them they needed to come (or send someone). They just do it.

>6.  Any other helpful hints you can offer.
>Thank you for responding to this request.  If there is sufficient interest, I
>can post a summary of the results on the listserve.
>Ellen Reinsch Friese
>Assistant Director
>Research and Sponsored Programs
>Wright State University
>122 Allyn Hall
>Dayton, OH  45435-0001
>(937) 775-2425 (telephone)
>(937) 775-3781 (fax)
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