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Re: Internal Grants Herbert B. Chermside (08 Apr 1998 08:29 EST)

Re: Internal Grants Herbert B. Chermside 08 Apr 1998 08:29 EST

For over 15 years we have had an internal grant program.  Our creative
artists -- and we have what may be the largest School of the Arts in the
nation -- have no problem providing project descriptions and budgets.  On
occasion one may send an illustration to supplement/describe, but then our
hard scientists may send a photo, also, to illustrate a point.


At 03:54 PM 4/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I am sure that many of you have internal grants competitions to promote =
>scholarship, etc. on your campus.  I am also sure that most of you require =
>the standard format (needs, goals and objectives, methods, evaluation, =
>budget; or something of that ilk.) =20
>We have received feedback from our creative artists to the effect that =
>this format is a difficult one for them to follow.  Since I am a very =
>sympathetic and accommodating sort I would like to respond in a positive =
>manner to this; however, I believe that there must be some effective =
>evaluative process, even for the creative arts.
>Do any of you (who have internal grants competitions) make special =
>accommodations for the creative arts in your proposal submission process? =
>And if so What?
>Thanks for your responses.
>Jim Matta
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