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Re: Internal Grants Diana Demers 08 Apr 1998 08:32 EST

Our major problem with this is that the arts folks don't apply. They say
that it is the format, but I know from graduate student thesis shows that
art students are required to articulate these things about their work. I
think that the underlying issue behind your complaint and our problem with
people not applying is a perception that the peer review process itself is
weighted in favor of the sciences. We have done two things to counter that.
First, we have art faculty representation on our committees, so folks are
being judged by their peers as well as by scientists. The art faculty
committee member also acts as a recruiter and encourages others in their
division to apply. Second, we have emphasized in the language of the
guidelines our willingness to fund the arts and humanities. For example, our
Undergraduate Research Grant is listed in the following way:

* Investigative Projects * Creative Productions *

We're making progress. I think the critical thing for us was to realize that
there is often a bias, to own up to that, and to do our part in making a shift.

Cheers, Diana

At 03:54 PM 4/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I am sure that many of you have internal grants competitions to promote =
>scholarship, etc. on your campus.  I am also sure that most of you require =
>the standard format (needs, goals and objectives, methods, evaluation, =
>budget; or something of that ilk.) =20
>We have received feedback from our creative artists to the effect that =
>this format is a difficult one for them to follow.  Since I am a very =
>sympathetic and accommodating sort I would like to respond in a positive =
>manner to this; however, I believe that there must be some effective =
>evaluative process, even for the creative arts.
>Do any of you (who have internal grants competitions) make special =
>accommodations for the creative arts in your proposal submission process? =
>And if so What?
>Thanks for your responses.
>Jim Matta
>Research and Sponsored Programs
>Bloomsburg University
Diana Demers
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