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Re: Internal Grants -Reply William Campbell 08 Apr 1998 07:01 EST

Jim, we have an internal competition for 'faculty research grants', as do most
other schools.  Our fine arts faculty have been quite successful over the
years.  We work very hard to give them an equal opportunity.
Our required format is fairly standard (abstract, qualifications, statement of
the problem, objectives, lit review, methodology, etc.), but we make it very
clear to all proposers that the reading panel is unlikely to include anyone
from their own disciplines.  Consequently, they must explain their projects so
that colleagues from other disciplines can understand what they are doing and
why.  The most important criteria for the reading panel is the project's
signfigance to the field.  I try to make sure that the  reading panel includes
someone from--or at least familiar with--the fine arts disciplines to make sure
that those fields have a voice in our deliberations.  Finally, I remind the
reading panel that we take a broad definition of 'research' in this
competition.  'Research' in printmaking might mean preparing for a big show.

In short, I don't think the format makes that much difference.  The composition
of the reading panel and the instructions they work under count for more.

Regards, Bill Campbell
Director, Grants & Research
University of Wisconsin-River Falls