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Re: Internal Grants Ross, Stuart 07 Apr 1998 18:41 EST

Our response to the humanities and arts types, when the topic comes up,
is that they should be able to adapt the categories to their situations
and that we will understand.  In the humanities, even though they are
not as self-conscious about "methods", they still are conscious of the
difference between conventional procedures and unconventional
procedures, and they should be able to say which they are doing and why.
An artist has some kind of objective, even if it is simply to try a new
medium or capture a certain emotion.

Stuart Ross
Cal State Fullerton

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> I am sure that many of you have internal grants competitions to
> promote =
> scholarship, etc. on your campus.  I am also sure that most of you
> require =
> the standard format (needs, goals and objectives, methods, evaluation,
> =
> budget; or something of that ilk.) =20
> We have received feedback from our creative artists to the effect that
> =
> this format is a difficult one for them to follow.  Since I am a very
> =
> sympathetic and accommodating sort I would like to respond in a
> positive =
> manner to this; however, I believe that there must be some effective =
> evaluative process, even for the creative arts.
> Do any of you (who have internal grants competitions) make special =
> accommodations for the creative arts in your proposal submission
> process? =
> And if so What?
> Thanks for your responses.
> Jim Matta
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