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SBIR Proposals & Other Business Matters CREA CATHARINE 07 Apr 1998 13:12 EST

We are revisiting the issue of submission of SBIR applications by our
faculty and I would welcome information/advice from the experts.

 Does your institution permit such submissions?
 Does the activity take place in institutional space?
 Do you collect a fee for space usage?
 How do you determine the rate?
 What other fees are imposed?
 What special considerations are there regarding, for example:
 other sponsored activity, federal or other, in the same
 graduate student participation?
 radioisotope or other licenses?

Also, on another but related matter, we have received inquiries from
faculty about establishing for-profit businesses that would provide
services to faculty and other 'customers.'

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss either or both issues with
anyone who has been here before.  If you respond with your phone number,
I'll call you.

Finally, if you are award of a discussion of either issue in the
literature, I would greatly appreciate a reference.

Thank you one and all.

Catharine Crea
Office of Research Administration
New York Medical College
(914) 594-4480