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Re: Fastlane/technical question David Battey 01 Apr 1998 12:17 EST

Diana, in reading your questions, let me reply to the end of the message
before responding to the first part.  Adobe Reader should never be
selected as the application to view any sort of file other than a PDF or
FDF created by the Adobe Exchange Program package.  So, select Internet
Explorer 3.0 as your default browser.  Using the browser installed, I
suggest that you either update your version of Internet Explorer with
the upgrade patches available on the Microsoft web site for this purpose
or go to
and download the latest FREE version of Netscape Communicator (4.04).
Much more of the active-x code as well as java, html,  and Internet
programing code (such as cgi)is supported by the newer browsers.  I hope
that this helps.  I've noticed that the older releases of Internet
Explorer really limit what you see and what your can interact with on
the Internet.  If you switch to Netscape Communicator you also install
the capability of e-mail and web page publishing although these features
are not in the way if you don't use them.  NSF's and NIH's Internet
fuctions are fully supported.
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