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Contract wording Choward@xxxxxx 01 Apr 1998 13:23 EST

Hi all--

We are helping negotiate a contract between some faculty members and
an external sponsor.  The working relationship is amiable and all
parties want to achieve a mutual and beneficial agreement.

As is not unusual, there are a couple of stumbling blocks - ownership
of the data and publication rights.  I have looked at notes from
workshops and talked with other people about alternate wordings, but
am still not convinced I have found exactly what is needed and

Suggestions for wording for the two points below would be
welcome from anyone on this listserv.

1. "Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement, Sponsor shall
own all data and information generated by the research ...."

2. (re: publications) "...Principal Investigator shall have furnished
Sponsor with a copy of the proposed disclosure at least thirty (30)
days before actual disclosure and Sponsor shall have returned written
approval to Institution approving the proposed disclosure.  Upon
Sponsor's request, Principal Investiagor shall delay public
disclosure to accommodate Sponsor's recommendations and/or revisions
relative to the proposed disclosure.  At the request of Sponsor, the
Principal Investigator shall agree to further delay public disclosure
in order to permit the prepartion of a revised disclosure, if

Responses can come back through the listserv or to me directly.

Thanks for your help.

Chuck Howard
University of Northern Colorado Research Corporation