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Financial Contributions Higginson, David A 26 Jan 1998 18:07 EST


Our institution is somewhat unique in that we are accounted as a profit
center by our parent organization (not-for-profit hospital).  The costs
of operating our research building, facilities and research admin.
office are directly accounted against our indirect cost (and other
misc.) revenue. The hospital expects us to break-even, but has a
provision where we may exceed our revenue (make a loss) of $250,000 p.a.

We are currently in the process of re-evaluating our 'subsidy' from the
hospital and we are trying to find *any* other organizations out there
that may be in a similar position.

If anyone is able to share any information regarding the amount of
subsidy they receive from their organization (% of total expense, $
subsidy, etc.) we would greatly appreciate it.

If anyone who is able to respond can send e-mail to that would be great !

Many thanks in advance,


David A Higginson, ACMA
Administrative Director
Arkansas Children's Hospital Research Institute
1120 Marshall Street
Little Rock, AR 72202

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