Position announcement James Callahan 12 Jan 1998 18:29 EST


ENH Research Institute is a wholly owned subsidiary of Evanston
Northwestern Healthcare Corporation.  We are an independent teaching
hospital with close ties to Northwestern University and Northwestern
University Medical School.  The ENH Research Institute engages in basic and
applied research in a number of health-related areas.

Reporting to the Director of Research Budgets, the incumbent will have
primary responsibility for all financial contract and grant activity.  This
includes proposal budget development, post-award tracking, and purchasing
policy/budget compliance.  This person will interact with people throughout
the ENH research community, including principal investigators, research
administration staff, accounting staff, and research coordinators.  She or
he may also get involved in human resource, information systems, and
purchasing issues as they relate to the Research Institute.

ENH Research Institute is in a period of rapid growth, which we expect will
continue for the foreseeable future.  The implications of this for the
associate director include: a very dynamic and exciting work environment;
an extremely heavy workload, often with tight deadlines; continual review
and improvement of existing procedures and work flow; rapidly changing
priorities; juggling of multiple high priorities; working with antiquated
systems while developing new and better ones; and many challenges along the

The ideal candidate has at least a bachelor=B9s degree in finance,
accounting, or business administration (or equivalent) plus at least five
years experience, with increasing responsibilities, in financial management
of federal contracts and/or grants or a master=B9s in one of the same fields
with at least three years of increasingly responsible federal
contracts/grants experience.  She or he should be familiar with relevant
federal regs, OMB Circulars A-133 and A-21, and federal Cost Accounting
Standards.  The candidate must have superior communication skills (oral and
written) and excellent computer skills (minimally in spreadsheets,
databases, and word processing--Mac or Windows).

If you are interested in being considered for this position should email,
fax, or snail-mail your letter and resume:

 e-mail:         xxxxxx@nwu.edu

 fax:          (847) 570-2933

   snail mail:         Saralyn Peritz
                             ENH Research Institute
                             2650 Ridge
                             Evanston, IL  60201