CFDA Numbers Jeanette Holmes 06 Jan 1998 11:24 EST

In response to CFDA numbers a couple years ago I was working in an OSP
office that was required to include the CFDA numbers to accounting when we
set up accounts on new awards.  So, I spent hours calling Contracting
officers many of whom didn't have a clue what I was talking about, until I
finally stumbled upon someone (now I can't recall which agency) that told
me CFDA stands for Code of Federal Domestic Assistance. They said not all
funds are allocated by Congress under Domestic Assitance so the funds you
receive may not have a CFDA number because it is not Domestic Assistance.
USAID is not Domesic assistance and some DOD and DOE funds are not
allocated under Domestic Assistance so it is entirely possible that you may
have a contract that does not have a CFDA number.  If I could not clearly
identfy a CFDA number I would not randomly assign one because if these
funds are not Domestic Assitance than they are being reported to the
government erroneously.

Hope this helps.

Jeanette Holmes

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